Welcome to Formula Ford BC

Welcome to the home of Formula Ford BC. We are a group of devoted Formula Ford owner/drivers located in the British Columbia, the westernmost province of Canada. Our primary racetrack is the Road Course at Mission Raceway Park but occasionally we have been known to frequent courses around northwestern USA. Our race events are hosted by the Sports Car Club of BC (SCCBC) and the International Conference of Sport Car Clubs (ICSCC) and sanctioned primarily by the Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs (CACC). A calendar of our events can be found at the CACC Motorsport Calendar site.

Formula Ford is an entry-level class of single-seater, open-wheel (no fenders) formula car racing. Under the CACC Formula Ford and SCCA Formula F rules governing the class, cars can be fitted with either a Ford Kent 1.6l crossflow or the Honda Fit 1.5l engines, both developing similar horsepower. We drive a variety of manufacturer makes including Tiga, Lola, LeGrand, Crossle, Citation, Reynard and Van Diemen, with the latter being the most popular marque in our area.

Participation in Formula Ford racing in BC requires a CACC Competition License with a Race or Vintage endorsement. Drivers typically complete a Race Driving School such as that put on by the SCCBC to enter the sport with a CACC Novice Race license and advance to a Senior Race License after successfully completing three or more novice events. Find more information on this page.

There are about 35 Formula Ford cars in various states of roadworthiness scattered throughout the province with around 4 to 15 competing at a given race event, making Formula Ford historically the largest class in the region.

For more information about the challenge and joy of owning and competing in a Formula Ford, watch the video below or visit our Q&A page.